Developing A Routine For Social Selling [Google Plus Podcast]

Last updated: 02-11-2019

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Developing A Routine For Social Selling [Google Plus Podcast]

If content is King, then Social Media is Queen. Kevin Thomas Tully, Chief Sales Officer at Sales for Life, was interviewed as part of theLinking Into Sales podcast. Among other topics, Kevin explained why content has become such a key element in the sales funnel and how social media enables buyers to engage with that content. He discussed the first levels of the 12 Step Social Selling Routine and described the difference between creating content and curating content.

Kevin stressed the importance of networking and building professional relationships. Take a look at the video, and read 6 key quotes from the session below:

"The role of sales people today has changed. Marketing and sales used to be in separate silos - marketing would produce content, sales would ignore that content. Because marketing would operate in their own silo and they would get leads together and pass them on to sales."

"Today's buyers are out there looking for information. And they're looking for information online. So it's incumbent upon a sales person to be that source of information. So how are they gonna do that? They're gonna do that with content."

"Twitter is one of the best tools for finding content sources. I mean, magazines, blogs, newspapers, eBooks, webinars, videos -- they all make their way to Twitter. And it should be the first place that you start."

"Your content's always out there working for you, even while you sleep."

"People buy from people, and they buy from people they like. Show that you're not a robot, that you're fun and have a bit of a personality. Conversation's the ultimate piece of content. Anytime you can get into a conversation with somebody it makes a big difference."

"I'm a big believer in love at first sight, but that doesn't mean that you go ahead and propose marriage on the first date. It's the same thing with Social Selling. Don't propose marriage on the first date, because (people) might think you're a little crazy."

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