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Last updated: 11-30-2018

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10 Concrete Laws of Social Media Marketing (Infographics) – One Cube CRM

With the word social media, only one name pops in mind: Facebook, Isn’t it? But no matter how we look at it there are various famous social platforms that offer nothing less. These social networking sites have become a tool kit for the marketers. They are the cheapest source of publishing your content, placing ads and all the other online marketing stuff in lesser time. Nevertheless, if these platforms are not used properly or I should say smartly… well, you get the picture.

Are you looking to take your social media marketing to the next level? If your answer is affirmative then these 10 concrete laws can change the game for your business.

Regardless of the social media platform, call-to-action buttons play a crucial role in attracting customers to know more about your product. Make sure your CTA button offers something that stands out. For example, cancelling a subscription once it’s been made can be a painful procedure for most subscribers. To assure them a painless un-subscription process, Netflix announces “Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime” right above their prominent red “Join free for a month” call to action control. This guarantee alone might have given Netflix tons of subscribers.

Most of the people analyze the success of their posts after they’ve been published on the social media. However, there are applications that help to find the key influencers to promote the content. Such applications can also be used to brainstorm new ideas since you can view what has already been covered and how much grip the content received. Analyze your previously written content in order to make the future posts even more dynamic.

Switching content format can prove to be life changing for your business. According to Syed Balkhi, the founder of WPBeginner, List25 and OptinMonster, he’s been switching content formats between text and video. Over the previous few years he’s grown his visibility that gave his YouTube channel over 1.3 million subscribers only for List25.com.

Social media is basically meant to engage the right customers in various kinds of interactions in order to keep them coming. Use Google Hangouts on Air to reach your customers. Private Google-Hangouts-on-Air sends out invitations to the desired individuals which makes sure that your initial message is heard. Being face to face with your community makes a huge difference and you get to know your customers at a deeper level.

We use hashtags randomly. That’s a common way of doing it. We go for whatever our mind gives us at the time. A hashtag makes it easier to find any type of content on a specific theme at social media. They put tons of relevant information on your fingertips.  Prior to using them, make sure do an in-depth research on industry related hastags. It will help you reach your target audience and connect you with your industry. You can also experiment and determine the best ones for your niche.

The key to increase your following and customer engagement is to make your presence constant. There are applications that claim to double your traffic by making social media marketing infinitely easier. These applications allow you to create your customized content categories allowing you to keep track of the specific types of posts you’re releasing. Doing this makes sure that you don’t end up overwhelming your audience with the same types of content over and over again. This saves you a lot of time and makes your presence easier on social media.

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Blog posts, social media posts… and how many channels do you have? FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and may be more. How much time do you think you spend glued to your laptop’s screen in order to come up with good, attractive social media posts?

Busy life makes us wish there were more hours in a day. Well, that we can’t change. So, why not saving time instead so we could do more? A time tracking tool that would help you figure out a pattern of your daily habits so you can be more focused and productive. Social media posts take an enormous amount of time. To save some, you can use a social CRM application. One of these applications is OneCubeCRM; it makes customer relationship management and posting on all your social platforms easier than ever.

If you’re not a huge organization but a small business, it’s highly likely that your customers aren’t scattered around the globe. This calls for more focus on a single social media platform that you’ve noticed attracts more customers to you. Hundreds of businesses use Facebook to advertise their products or services. Organizations worldwide have increased their use of Pinterest to show their visual content. The point is, instead of doing little on every platform, start channeling your struggle on a single one to achieve more.

You might have heard about LinkedIn Publisher. Have you ever wondered that you can make it a tool to expand your contacts and reach? LinkedIn Publisher allows its members to share their articles which allow you to establish your professional image.

According to Wendy McClelland, the past nominee for the Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Marketing Consultant, her following was only over 1,500. But her post accumulated more than 61,500 views along with 500 comments. Over 60,000 people were exposed to her post and ultimately her work. These statistics clearly show the significance of LinkedIn Publisher as a way to get more exposure.

Attracting audience is hard. Making customers and bringing them on your website is even harder but the hardest task is to bring them back once they leave. A large number of businesses retarget their audience by displaying attractive ads on their website or social media platforms. These social ads will earn you more visibility and in turn attract more and more audience.  

Pinterest started in 2010 and within three months of the launch accumulated over 3,000 registrations. The site has already become a tool for inspiration and the third largest source of referral traffic on the web. Is it because of its layout? No. it’s because eyes are more attracted towards colors and visual data. According to UN.org, there are about 1.8 billion young people on the entire planet. Young people are more into colors. Do a thorough research on color psychology and create your posts/website/blog/Vlog based on the results.  

Social media marketing has not become a channel to advertise your services or products alone. It’s a platform where you can provide your audience a rich experience. It provides improved customer insights, attracts more traffic, and gives you more conversion and there is no better way to do it then opting for a social CRM application like OneCubeCRM. The simplistic application is the perfect combination of features that any small business requires for better customer relationship management, project management and productivity.

The longer you wait, the later results you’ll get. Register for a free trial of OneCubeCRM here and start a successful journey.

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