The Secrets Behind The Success Of The World’s Largest Digital Sales Training Company, Episode #100 | Vengreso

Last updated: 06-01-2019

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The Secrets Behind The Success Of The World’s Largest Digital Sales Training Company, Episode #100 | Vengreso

There is now no doubt, NO DOUBT that the company I am honored to lead as CEO is the world’s largest digital sales training company. Vengreso is just over two years old and the journey thus far has been incredible. On this episode of #SellingWithSocial, I invited my three co-founders to join me to help me tell the Vengreso story. You’ll hear from Kurt Shaver – our Chief Sales Officer, Viveka von Rosen – our Chief Visibility Officer, and Bernie Borges – our Chief Marketing Officer about their experiences in this wild journey. We’ll also give you a powerful summary of what it takes to start your own digital sales process.

One of my favorite sayings that keeps our team on target is this: Brand drives demand. The meaning behind the phrase is that the more effective you are at consistently communicating your brand story and value, the more people and organizations will want to work with you. I say it all the time to our team because I know we can’t just preach it, we have to do it.

By creating loads of content, working together as a team to distribute and share it, and leveraging well-designed systems and processes we’ve gotten our content in front of 98 million people via social media. To help you understand exactly how staggering that number is, our nearest competition (a huge brand) has only reached 40 million people through social.

Why did we focus on flooding the digital sales training space like this? Because we had to demonstrate what we teach: Brand drives demand.

If it’s not obvious to you already, you need to know that sales methodology has changed forever. The prevalence of information available today makes it possible for buyers to actually get ahead of sales professionals in the buying cycle, discovering everything they want to know about a product or service through personal research, online reviews, YouTube unboxing videos, and more.

So you tell me, why would you want a digital selling program? So that you can adapt your sales approach to the way buyers are buying. But here’s the biggest reason: The stats are in – companies that adopt social selling programs have 50% higher win rates than those that don’t. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you’ve GOT to be selling socially. If you want to dominate your industry, digital sales is the only way to do it.

At Vengreso we’ve enjoyed coming up with powerful imagery that helps us communicate the steps necessary to become effective at digital selling. Here’s my favorite example: The first thing you need if you’re going to catch fish, is the right kind of pole. You can’t use a deep sea pole if you’re going trout fishing. Likewise, you can’t use a fly rod if you’re trying to catch Blue Marlin.

What does the fishing pole represent? Believe it or not, it’s the LinkedIn profiles of your sales team. Why are LI profiles so important? It’s because of what the stats show us – 62% of decision-makers look at a sales rep’s LinkedIn profile before they decide whether to respond to their phone call, email, or other outreach.

62 percent! That’s huge – and it’s why a LinkedIn profile that is nothing more than a resume is not going to be beneficial to your sales strategy. You need to know how to make your sales team’s profiles powerful resources buyers can reference to see how you can bring value to the table for them. Listen to this episode to hear how the Vengreso team has made LinkedIn a major part of our digital sales training.

When you fish, you can’t catch fish if you use the wrong bait. In digital sales, the bait is the content your sales team needs to move buyers to the point of making a decision. Your organization has to create that content and make it available to your team in an organized fashion.

Our digital sales training includes showing sales organizations how to create a vault of content for the sales team that enables them to sell more effectively. We teach our clients how to organize their content around the buyer’s journey, particular industries, special needs, etc. The point is not the organizational system you use, but that you organize it in a way that YOUR sales team can easily access and use with buyers. Listen to learn more about how Vengreso is leading the way among digital sales training companies.

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