What is a Customer Success Portal?

Last updated: 02-24-2020

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What is a Customer Success Portal?

Have you noticed how communication is evolving? Most people will search for an answer or for advice on search engines before even engaging in human communication. Think about it, when was the last time you waited on a customer service line for 20+ minutes? Now compare that answer to the number of times you’ve asked Google for help to troubleshoot something instead of calling a customer service number.

The way we communicate with one another is a big wake up call for most businesses, simply because this change impacts the way businesses need to communicate with their customers. A contact us page with details about a call center that operates on specific hours isn’t going to be sufficient anymore. In order to communicate with customers and provide exceptional customer experiences, businesses will need to cater to the modern expectations of customers and enable them with the support they’re looking for – whenever and wherever they may need it. The question is – how can a business provide accessible customer service intended to enhance customer experience without incremental business costs? The answer – a customer success portal.

Your customers are the forefront of your business and a customer success portal will help enhance customer experience and create a loyal customer base. A customer portal is an accessible online platform that is customized to your business and designed to deliver exceptional and efficient service. This platform will give users the ability to self-guide their way through any questions they may have. With curated content, your business can deliver answers to the most common questions asked. To engage with customers even further, businesses can also curate content to show users how they can further leverage the product or service.

Aside from providing customers with service at their fingertips, there are additional features to a customer portal that will make companies wonder why they haven’t thought of implementing a platform like this before:

As digital management becomes more apparent, more and more companies are engaging with CRM tools. In the world of efficiencies, it’s much easier to manage a company when you leverage platforms that “do it all”. Luckily, customer portals have API connections to the most popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce. The right CRM tool plus the right customer success portal can work together to forge a strong solution for managing your business and its customers.

The beauty of a customer portal is that it grows with your company and evolves with the communication needs of your customers. Start providing your customers with the ultimate experience and service them, 24/7, with a customer portal.

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